The Other Side Of The Pane

Hi, I’m Lara, and this is a collection of my writings, including poetry and many other kinds of fiction. I also write journal entries on my attempts to improve my writing. Those are located under the category, Thinking Out Loud, if you want to check them out.

Here’s a glimpse:



The Warm Part of A Holey BlanketWhite Knight YouTender and WarmI Can’t Fix You * Haven’t Told Him I Love Him *  So Dear * America * A Short Rant * What Kind Of Knight? * Forgotten * The Child * Master Work * Gilded Cage With An Open Door * Snow White to Her PrinceNumber Thirty Train * Sad OptimistClown’s Tear * Panting * Window Pane * I Want to Cry * Much Afraid With Her Two Helpers Sorrow and Suffering Silent Movie Actress/Now in Technicolor * The Cold Wind Is My Blanket * Untitled *




Running To Slaughter – A Dystopian Short Story written 2017

To My Daughter, The Next Leader – A Dystopian Short Story written 2016

The Whip  –  A 50 Word Short Story written 2016

The Accidental Sleuths – A Mystery Novella written 2014





You Make A Toy Of Me pdf

A traumatized girl just wants to unwind, but a mysterious caller has other plans for her evening, and her life.

Written 2017


Not Included Here


I’m currently writing a novel based on Bible stories, predominately ones from the Old Testament. It explores my idea that our mistakes and “sins” are possibly a necessary part of our path.