The Other Side Of The Pane

Hi, I’m Lara, and this is a collection of my writings, including poetry and many other kinds of fiction. I also write journal entries on my attempts to improve my writing. Those are located under the category, Thinking Out Loud, if you want to check them out.




Green Grass MagicDeliberateDespitePeople in Their ThirtiesTime MachineI Save MyselfDon’t Appraise the DiamondsOur Flag Should Be a Dollar BillBehind the Finger * The Oil PeopleMetal is ColdAmericaForgottenWinter Out of Sight *

Human Darkness Series – * Hungry FishStampedeCockroachesThe Slug


Walking WoundedBoxesTurn BackWisp of LovePacking My BagI Try to be CoolI Touched a BugIsolated Moments *  A Short Rant *  The Child * Master WorkNumber Thirty Train * Sad OptimistPanting * Window PaneMuch Afraid With Her Two Helpers Sorrow and Suffering * Lies and Fairy TalesSilent Movie Actress/Now in Technicolor * The Cold Wind Is My Blanket * Untitled *

Love & Relationships

UnfathomableLove with ThornsCups of TeaImpossible SurgeryWhat Can be Made of This?Flesh and Blood, Not PaperFarewell But Not GoodbyeInfinitely More 2Infinitely More *  I Took My Art to HeartWhen the China Rains DownPlease Touch MeThe Heart of MeTangibleTalk to MeCandy *  The Warm Part of A Holey BlanketWhite Knight YouTender and WarmI Can’t Fix You * Haven’t Told Him I Love Him *  So DearWhat Kind Of Knight?Gilded Cage With An Open Door * Snow White to Her PrinceClown’s Tear * I Want to Cry *


MosaicsWait on the RainUnanswered?The Sharpening StoneI BleedDance *



Running To Slaughter – A Dystopian Short Story written 2017

To My Daughter, The Next Leader – A Dystopian Short Story written 2016

The Whip  –  A 50 Word Short Story written 2016

The Accidental Sleuths – A Mystery Novella written 2014





You Make A Toy Of Me pdf

A traumatized girl just wants to unwind, but a mysterious caller has other plans for her evening, and her life.

Written 2017


Not Included Here


I’m currently writing a novel based on Bible stories, predominately ones from the Old Testament. It explores my idea that our mistakes and “sins” are possibly a necessary part of our path.