I Love You, an Inspirational Book

My self-help/support book, I Love You, is a light-hearted walk through the negative voices in our heads with someone supportive to help you put those negative voices in their place. It’s written to be very personal, like a letter or card, like I’m there with you, so even when you’re feeling the most down, you can hold a book or e-reader in your hands and have proof that no matter what those voices say, they are wrong. Someone loves you, someone believes in you, someone wants you to be your best, happiest self.

Perfect for anyone who feels lost, struggles with negative thoughts or feelings, or needs a friend. Part self-help book and mostly inspirational, a support book.

Review Snippets

“This is a great book if you’re struggling with mental illness or are going through a difficult time. I picked this up in the hopes of finding some level on insight because I myself am feeling down as I type this. Rouse reinforces throughout that the way you feel is valid, that it’s okay to feel the way you do, and also challenges the reader to do things that may help wade through the funk.

The book is very brief (twenty something pages), but the wisdom here is lifelong.

If you or someone you know needs a boost, buy this book, and remember: You are loved and someone cares.” – an Amazon review

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If you read it, please consider leaving a review. I’d love to hear how you feel about it!

Additional Content and Resources


The book contains tips as well as encouragement and care. For people who want the care without tips, I wrote a letter on Medium, an I Love You letter.

I’ve made four free cellphone wallpapers based on the illustrations and style of the book. You can save and use them, if you like:

A blog post I wrote exploring the daily progress concept, with steps: Depressed? Have Regrets? Life is a Journey. Map It.