The Warm Part of a Holey Blanket, a Poetry Book

The Warm Spot in a Holey Blanket by Lara Rouse

Loving other people is a messy business, two people with their unique blend of good, bad, and different coming together, navigating the journey of life together.

This poetry book explores our wants, needs, and hurts, and overcoming problems to find a love that truly feels loving. It discusses human frailties and strengths, and dares us to face things head-on. In or looking for a relationship

This book begins with Brave it With Her, a call to love boldly, then it quickly descends into doubt, holding on too tightly, codependency, and toxicity before remembering hopes and needs and reforming the image of love.

Perfect for everyone who wants to explore the messiness of relationships.

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“this was a good read! my favourites are infinitely more 1 & 2 and I try to be cool” – A review left on Twitter

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